• Event Time 11:25 pm-11:25 pm
  • Event Start Date October 1, 2017

Do you ever stop and think about where your life is going?

Most people do this from time to time. We pause and take our bearings. Who am I? Is my life where I thought it would be now? Is there some sort of overriding purpose? Why did God put me here?

In The Course of Your Life, you have the opportunity to discover in God’s word that our lives do in fact have a profound and revolutionary purpose. God did make us for a reason, and it is all connected with the extraordinary work that he is doing in our lives and in his world.

Do you want to discover that purpose, and live the rest of your life pursuing it? That’s what this course is about.

Questions? Talk to Aaron Nystrom, Josiah Routhier or Ben Dowdy